Dedicated courses through telehealth on all fields of otolaryngology -Head and Neck surgery can be scheduled by the IFOS Global Outreach team on demand.

If you are interested in assisting to such personal training course, please send your request explaining which problem you are facing or chirurgical technic you would like to train by email to : click here to contact us

Below, you will find the first courses and presentations that have been prepared and presented by the IFOS Global Outreach team:

Transmastoid lateroterminal Hypoglossofacial Anastomosis

Course given on Friday December 11th 2020 to colleagues in Paraguay

IFOS speakers:

Vincent Darrouzet (France, Bordeaux) and Thierry Mom (France, Clermont-Ferrand)

Click here to download the presentation

Le Cholestéatome : Prise en charge chirurgicale

Click here to download the presentation

Click here to download surgical video

Chirurgie du cholestéatome : la technique ouverte

Click here to download the presentation

Click here to download surgical video

Courses given on Friday July 2nd to colleagues in Ouagadougou by Pr Thierry MOM

Movie – Palissade

Click here to download surgical video

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IFOS involvement in global outreach is one of its important mission.
IFOS is promoting global actions and all missions respecting the Charter of global mutual aid.

An international advisory board can receive through this website the needs and requests both from volunteers willing to help colleagues in a field of Otolaryngology-Head Neck surgery and from local teams willing to be helped.

In order to facilitate global actions, "demanders" and "givers" can be put in touch, and assistance will be provided, as much as possible, by IFOS


This interactive map allows you to view mission requests around the world (red markers). Place your mouse on the map and use the cursor to move on the map. It is possible to zoom.

You can always offer your help or ask for help by registering on the platform. When your request will be validated by a competent committee, you could contacting people who need help or conversely with people who wish to offer their help.

The reports of the finalized missions are available and are symbolized by blue markers.

Project title Country Specialty Type of need